Mainlining Hacks Into Nintendo Switch This Summer

Mainlining Screenshot

Merge Games and Rebelephant have announced that Mainlining will release on Nintendo Switch.

In this point-and-click hacking adventure, the government has introduced the BLU Pill Act and the Secret Intelligence Service has reinstated MI7.

This means that all online personal data is accessible by the powers that be, and, taking place on a simulated desktop of the protagonist’s computer, you are a newly recruited MI7 agent working within the Blue Pill Act’s remit.

Handed different cases, you are challenged to gather evidence by hacking the computers and phones of the suspects.

Your primary goal is to facilitate the arrest of the perpetrator and to ensure that the courts have sufficient evidence to hand out the longest custodial sentences possible.

It’s down to you to work out whether the case that you work on is complete, as, move in too quickly, and you could risk missing leads that link your case to a much high-profile cybercriminal. Act too slow, and you may be detected – resulting in the suspect escaping.

The Nintendo Switch port has introduced a bespoke keyboard input system and touchscreen support to help you crack the case on the move.

Mainlining will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on June 20th priced at £11.99 (€14.99 / $14.99), with a 15 percent discount available from June 13th – July 4th.

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