Magical Drop VI Out On Nintendo Switch Next Month

Magical Drop VI Screenshot

Forever Entertainment has confirmed a release date for Magical Drop VI, which will launch on Nintendo Switch next month.

With Highball Games and Storm Trident at the helm, the legendary Japanese puzzler makes a return after a decade-long absence – the series’ most recent entry having been 2012’s Magical Drop V which had released on Steam.

You will have the chance to choose from your favourite characters – such as World, the Overseer of the Magical Land, the mighty Justice or the devious Black Pierrot – before playing the “numerous” game modes promised to be available.

That will challenge you to solve diabolical puzzles or beat strong opponents in an Arcade match, follow an adventure in the Story or Path of Destiny modes, or compete against your friends and the best players from around the world online.

The game will offer six different single-player modes and the chance to play in local and online multiplayer, outlined by the publisher as below:

  • Story Mode: Learn about the history of the Magical Land and its inhabitants while progressing through the classic story mode!
  • Match Mode: Skirmish mode, choose your character, and opponent, and get to the battle!
  • Survival Mode: Pop incoming waves of bubbles, and don’t let them get to the bottom of the screen!
  • Puzzle Mode: Pop the bubbles, so there’s none of them left on the screen! Get extra points for doing it in the most efficient way!
  • Path of Destiny: Progress through the map by winning minigames! Watch out for making mistakes, they can be painful!
  • Caravan Mode: Defeat your enemies one by one to set the highest score possible!
  • Multiplayer: Play with your friends locally or face players from all around the world online!

Beyond launch, the game will be supported with free downloadable content that will add “additional characters and content.”

Magical Drop VI will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on 25th April 2023.

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