Magearna QR Code For Pokémon Sun And Moon Released In North America

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As promised, the special Magearna QR Code distribution for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon is now live in North America.

The Steel and Fairy-type Magearna is the first Mythical Pokémon that players can obtain in the Nintendo 3DS exclusives, with the QR Code promised to work indefinitely.

Magearna is Level 50, has the Soul-Heart ability, and the moves Flash Cannon, Fleur Cannon, Lucky Chant, and Helping Hand. It also has the hold item Silver Bottle Cap.

As a reminder, a special Munchlax and Snorlium-Z can be received in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon by using the Mystery Gift function between 23rd November 2016 – 11th January 2017.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are now available worldwide exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

Magearna QR Code:


How To Get Magearna In Pokémon Sun Or Pokémon Moon:

1. Complete the main story

2. Choose the QR Scanner function

3. Line up the QR code for Magearna while pressing the R Button

4. Visit the deliveryman at the Antiquities of the Ages shop in Hau’oli City to get Magearna

5. Be sure to save your game!

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Comments 38
    1. Its not working for me either… i have a UK copy and i live in Europe (Portuguese), so it should work, but even the European QR doesnt WORK!! -.-

    1. If you own an old 3ds or old 3ds XL, it won’t work. It’ll have to be from a new system. Because i have a 3ds XL and a new 3ds XL and the qr scanner only works on my new system. Also, not important but my 3ds XlL (new) was bought when it first came out so any new generation 3ds should be able to scan the qr codes.

      1. Ik I’m late but my 3ds is from when it came out and I still have it. It might not work cause u got the wrong region.

  1. When a scan the code it says This QR Code cannot be scanned with this system. Do I have to get a newer 3DS system? How do I fix this?

      1. Alex, do you have a New gen 3ds or an old gen 3ds and when did you buy it, because the QR scanner seems to only work on my New 3ds XL and not my old 3ds XL. So it’s probably the system.

  2. I’m having the same problem, and yes I live in the US and have a US copy, have tried scanning from multiple different sources as well…wth.

  3. I have the same problem with the NA code, I know I bought Moon at a Gamestop in the US, but all I get is the same message QR code not supported.

  4. I’ve tried the QR code many times. I bought the game from a download card in Target. What do I have to do? (from U.S.A)

  5. I’m in the US and have a US game but for fun I’m playing in Chinese but the QR code isn’t working :/ I don’t even know what it’s saying but it doesn’t work

  6. I have been trying to get the game has come out but it’s still not working it’s I beat moon I have updated my 3ds XL I got the game from the US I live in the US and the game is in English I don’t know what the problem cause it keeps saying its not supported it’s pretty frustrating at this point I hope the event is not over but if so if someone would be so generous to trade with me their Magearna my friend code is 259527316878

  7. I have an older 3DS and the code works. You have scan the code through the in-game QR scanner, NOT the camera function from the 3DS home screen

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