MADiSON Terrifies Nintendo Switch Owners This Summer

MADiSON Game Image

Perp Games and Bloodious Games have announced that MADiSON is coming to Nintendo Switch, sharing the first gameplay footage on the portable home console.

Pitched as “an immersive and terrifying first-person psychological horror game,” you play as Luca, who wakes up locked in a dark room with his hands covered in blood. After a demon forces him to continue a gory ritual that was first started decades ago, his mother and sister have been massacred and you have no choice but to finish the sinister ceremony.

With help from a “possessed” instant camera, you will need to connect the human world with the beyond. That will challenge you to solve puzzles and explore your surroundings to secure your survival, as MADiSON will haunt you on your journey – the ghost of an evil murderer who is the one forcing you to commit abominable acts.

MADiSON will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Summer 2022.

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