Mad Catz announce licensed accessory range for Nintendo 3DS

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Mad Catz Interactive have announced their support for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS by unveiling their range of licensed accessories to be used with the new handheld system.

Expected to be available alongside the launch of the Nintendo 3DS in just a few months time, Mad Catz have designed the accessories in a way that offers gamers high quality, licensed products alongside their purchased of the brand new system.

“The Nintendo 3DS promises to introduce gamers to a new era of entertainment,” comments Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz. “Mad Catz is delighted to be complimenting the launch of this exciting new handheld with a range of high quality, licensed accessories which we believe enhance the gaming experience and will prove invaluable to gamers everywhere.”

The full details of each accessory product to be released by the company are as follows:

* Nintendo 3DS Traveller Bag

Fashionable yet durable, the Traveller Bag proves an ideal travel companion, providing storage for gamers’ Nintendo 3DS, up to 21 game cards and 2 styli, alongside spare storage compartments for accessories such as AC adapters and headphones. Fashioned in a contemporary design with protective inner lining, the case offers safe and stylish transport for gamers’ console and accessories. MSRP: $19.99

* Nintendo 3DS Microsuede SlipCase

Discrete and refined, the officially licensed Microsuede SlipCase offers a fashionable solution for transporting gamers’ Nintendo 3DS and up to three game cards. Featuring a sleek design and protective inner lining, the plush, tactile Microsuede SlipCase ensures gamers’ console and games travel safely and in style. MSRP: $12.99

* Nintendo 3DS Extendable Stylus 3-Pak

Mad Catz’ officially licensed Extendable Stylus 3-Pak for the Nintendo 3DS provides a trio of high-quality styli. Designed for comfort and available in multiple colors, the Extendable Styli provide an ideal replacement for the standard stylus provided with the Nintendo 3DS. MSRP: $5.99

* Nintendo 3DS Stylus & Screen Protector Pak

Mad Catz’ officially licensed Stylus & Screen Protector Pak for the Nintendo 3DS provides gamers’ with a trio of high-quality Extendable Styli, ideal for handheld gaming needs. Designed for comfort and provided in colors which match the console, the Extendable Styli are complimented by two sets of Screen Protectors, designed to protect the Nintendo 3DS from dirt and scratches. MSRP: $9.99

* Nintendo 3DS Screen Protector Pak

Mad Catz’ officially licensed Screen Protector Pak has been designed to help shield the screens of the Nintendo 3DS from dirt, scratches and accidental damage. Consisting of 2 sets of high-quality Screen Protectors, each set is easy to apply and remove, leaving zero residue and no distortion of the 3D effect or screen quality. Complete with bonus Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. MSRP: $7.99

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