Lysandre Hunts The Beauty Eternal In New Pokémon Generations Episode


The new Pokémon Generations episode whisks us back to the Kalos region in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, where we learn more about Team Flare boss Lysandre.

That starts at a time when he revealed the Holo Caster to the world, which had been created by his company Lysandre Labs. Events then fast forward to a meeting with Diantha, where he reveals that he would end the world in an instant if it made sure that beauty never faded.

As the Kalos region suffers Holo Caster product shortages, Lysandre’s kindness is demonstrated when he donates cutting-edge medical equipment and a grant to help research Pokémon-related healthcare to his favoured Pokémon Center.

With the press learning that Lysandre has a secret project in the works, he declines to share what it is with his board despite requesting additional budget. Notified that Yveltal has awakened, he makes haste to Team Flare’s headquarters beneath Geosenge City where the episode wraps up. Enjoy!

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