LUNAXXX Saves A Lost Civilisation On Nintendo Switch


Pygmy Studio has revealed LUNAXXX, a new action game that is in development for Nintendo Switch.

Chibi-Robo! director Kenichi Nishi is involved with the project, which has seen the destruction of a civilisation that now lies buried deep below ground.

The responsibility for recovering it falls to a robot and a young boy, who fear a prophecy that foretells that a tsunami will soon come and, therefore, set out to save the world.

That will be achieved with a fishing rod, that players will use to rescue as many people as they possibly can. This uses the Joy-Con as players balance and rotate the line, reacting to the wind and steering clear of walls which threaten to see those that have been rescued tumble from the line.

LUNAXX will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2017.

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