Lumines Remastered Update Version 1.1.1 Now Available

Lumines Remastered Switch Screenshot

Enhance Games and Resonair has released a new software update for Lumines Remastered on Nintendo Switch, that sees the critically-acclaimed puzzle game now on version 1.1.1.

This introduces new Analog Stick control options, optimises load times and has addressed issues with achievements not unlocking correctly.

The ability to locally store high scores before uploading them to online leaderboards when you connect has been improved, while other issues and bugs have also been fixed.

Lumines Remastered Update Version 1.1.1 Patch Notes

  • Added Analog Stick option (Options/Control settings/Type C and D).
  • Optimized load times (title screen, game modes and rankings).
  • Fixed issues with achievements not unlocking properly.
  • Improved feature for locally stored high scores to be updated in online leaderboards when game is turned on in online mode.
  • Improved controls when dropping blocks.
  • Improved audio mix in certain skins and expanded overall audio volume range from 4 level settings to 8 (default option for BGM and Sound Effects is 4).
  • Fixed issue with locked Avatars appearing during selection in Avatar menu.
  • Fixed issue with the last timeline column not adding to final score in Time Attack Mode.
  • Fixed issue with blocks momentarily changing colors during skin transition.
  • Fixed issue with vibration stopping when only the Trance Vibration was ON in Vibration setting.
  • Fixed issue with blocks moving from control inputs during loading screen before gameplay began.
  • Other minor performance improvements and bug fixes.
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