Luigi’s Mansion amiibo Support Reveals Boo Locations, Heals And Revives You

Luigi's Mansion 3DS Screenshot

We have known that the Luigi’s Mansion remake would have amiibo support since last month’s Nintendo Direct presentation, but, now that the Nintendo 3DS exclusive is nearing release, we can see the functionality in action for the first time.

You will have the chance to scan your amiibo whenever you return to Professor E. Gadd’s lab, with there being four amiibo that are compatible with the game.

Those are the Boo, Mario, Luigi and Toad amiibo, which will help you to locate mischievous Boos, replace Poison Mushrooms in the mansion or even call on Polterpup to revive you when you lose all your health.

The amiibo functionality is as below:

  • Boo: Now the map will show the locations of up to three Boos in the mansion that have escaped capture.
  • Mario: The Poison Mushrooms in the mansion have transformed into Super Mushrooms! Grab one, and your Health will recover.
  • Luigi: You’ve now got a chance to revive if your Health reaches zero in the mansion. Also, the furniture a Speedy Spirit is hiding in will light up!
  • Toad: You can now talk to Toad to have your Health restored!

Luigi’s Mansion will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in North America on October 12th and in Europe on October 19th.

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