Louvre to use Nintendo 3DS systems as Audio Guides

louvre egypt1

The Louvre, widely recognised as one of the world’s largest and most visited art museums, is to team up with Nintendo to replace their traditional audio guides with 5,000 Nintendo 3DS systems.

Visitors may locate themselves within the Louvre, choose from themed itineraries, and listen to hundreds of recorded commentaries (available in several languages) about the works on display. Nintendo has developed the content, with the museum remaining in editorial control.

“We are the first museum in the world to do this,” remarked Agnes Alfandari, the Louvre’s head of multimedia.

Henri Loyrette, the museum’s director, added “Digital development has become a strategic issue for museums. People’s habits have changed. But that offers us a huge opportunity to extend the museum’s territory, and build a lasting relationship with our visitors.”

[Thanks Huffington Post]

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