Lost Phone Stories Releases On Nintendo Switch This Week

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story Screenshot

Seaven Studio and Accidental Queens have announced that Lost Phone Stories will release on Nintendo Switch this week, a bundle that contains A Normal Lost Phone and Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story.

These narrative investigation games explore the intimacy of an unknown person whose phone you’ve found, requiring that the player piece together elements from the different applications, messages and pictures so that they can progress.

That will lead you to eventually discover what happened to the phone’s owner, covering difficult topics and social issues.

Seaven Studio is behind the Nintendo Switch port, which adds portrait mode, touch screen and HD Rumble support. The game can be played in landscape in TV and Tabletop modes, using the Joy-Con to point at the screen.

Lost Phone Stories will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on July 19th, priced at £8.99 ($9.99). Both games are sold separately for £5.49 ($5.99), and, for those that already own one of the two games, you can buy the other game or bundle for £3.59 ($3.99).

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