Lost In Random Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Lost In Random Logo

Electronic Arts and Zoink have announced that Lost In Random is out now on Nintendo Switch.

This gothic fairytale action-adventure will be released under the EA Originals label, and carries “an age-old tale with a surprisingly modern message not typically explored in gaming,” in that “randomness in the world isn’t something to be feared or controlled, but a power that can be harnessed by embracing it and learning to roll with its punches.”

Set in the Kingdom of Random where uncertainty and chaos are feared, the game follows Even, a courageous young girl, and her living dice companion, Dicey.

Together, the two embark on a perilous journey where they must learn to embrace the unknown and play the hand they’ve been dealt, in a bid to break the curse of Random and rescue Even’s sister, Odd.

Ruled by a wicked Queen, the twisted dystopia is split into six shadowy realms in which life is dictated by a cursed black dice.

Random rules everything in the kingdom, and the coins that you collect will allow Even to learn new attacks, abilities and more. These can be used in the game’s tactical combat, where you can use Even’s slingshot to attack your enemies and knock off energy cubes that power Dicey. Once charged, you can roll Dicey to freeze time and unleash his powerful magic upon evolving board game arenas.

“We were fascinated with the idea of exploring the feeling of uncertainty as the starting point for Lost in Random, instead of focusing on predetermined game mechanics,” explains Zoink Games game director and lead writer Olov Redmalm.

“The overarching theme of randomness helped us be creative with every aspect of the game, as each element fit into the dreamlike world in its own way that enhances the player journey. Combining sharp dialogue with mystery and emotional storytelling elements in a new way, we are excited for players to finally face the fear of randomness in Lost in Random, and see how that experience changes their outlook on life – all portrayed through the daring character of Even.”

Lost In Random is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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