Loot Crate detail amiibo Subscription Service contents and pricing


After Nintendo of America’s announcement last week, Loot Crate have now provided details on the pricing structure for their amiibo Subscription Service.

Those interested in the service, which sees the online delivery service send subscribers 10 pre-selected amiibo, can either pay three weekly payments of $55 or make a one-time payment at $155 (prices incl. shipping).

The first crates will start shipping on Thursday 20th November and contains Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby, and Pikachu amiibo, as well as an exclusive sticker and amiibo wristband. The second week will see you receive an exclusive cinch bag, as well as Fox, Peach, Samus and Yoshi amiibo, whereas in the final week Loot Crate will send you Luigi and Zelda amiibo alongside an “Ultra Rare T-Shirt.”

[Thanks GoNintendo]
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