Litleo, Flabébé, Scatterbug and Spewpa expand Pokémon X and Y


We learnt Japanese details in CoroCoro magazine last night, but The Pokémon Company International have today shared localised details.

Litleo is described as being “a young, hot-blooded Pokémon that is always ready for a battle.” A Fire and Normal-type, it has access to a new Normal-type move, Noble Roar, which intimidates targets and lowers their Attack stat.

Making a debut as a Fairy-type is Flabébé, which apparently “lives atop a flower that it chooses soon after it’s born and will care for its entire life.” You’ll find Flabébé holding different coloured flowers on your journey, and they can use a new Fairy-type move called Fairy Wind which summons a wind that blasts its opponent.

Lastly, we have the String Shot-wielding Scatterbug, a Bug-type that evolves into Spewpa that in turn has access to the move Protect. Once levelled, this then evolves into the colourful Vivillon, which was revealed earlier in the week.

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