Link battles for victory in new Hyrule Warriors character trailer


Tecmo Koei have releases a new character trailer for Hyrule Warriors, squarely placing focus on Link’s skills in battle.

This largely serves to showcase Link’s deft combat style, his special attacks that allow him to slay a bulk of foes, and culminates with the young hero using bombs to take on a Dodongo

The publisher previously shared their hope that the game will achieve sell one million copies worldwide, and formed a significant part of the Nintendo Digital Event broadcast during E3 2014 where Zelda and Midna were announced as playable characters.

Hyrule Warriors releases exclusively for Wii U across Japan on August 14th, Europe on September 19th, Austraila on September 20th, and North America on September 26th. Phew.

[Thanks AllGamesBeta]
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