Lifespeed Battles Galactic Opponents On New Nintendo 3DS This Week

Wee Man Studios has announced that their futuristic flying racer Lifespeed will release on New Nintendo 3DS this week.

Inspired by scenes in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi when the Millennium Falcon flies through the Death Star’s innards to target the main reactor, Lifespeed has its own space opera to tell.

Promising the ultimate race for survival, the name refers to a new genocide. One thousand years ago a Great War had threatened to engulf the galaxy. The United Government was formed to prevent it, and, rather than the outbreak of war, disputes over resources and survival are settled on the race track.

As the enigmatic mercenary Cypher Reid, you will race against riders as you compete for your planet’s survival and the chance to become Archon.

With eight tracks based on four worlds, players will take on nine racers as they look to score the fastest lap times in online leaderboards. 11 playable characters aim to vary the experience, while four difficulty levels will test your piloting skills to their limit.

Narrow tunnels are packed with boost rings and pickups, with players required to dodge obstacles, lasers and missile turrets as well as avoiding fire from rival racers. Acceleration is automatic, so players can concentrate on steering, breaking when necessary, and performing a barrel roll to shake off attacks, while locking on to your enemies to fight back.

Lifespeed will release on the Nintendo eShop for New Nintendo 3DS on February 2nd, priced at £4.99 (€5.99/$5.99)

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