Life Is Strange: True Colors Out On Nintendo Switch “Later This Year”

Life Is Strange: True Colors Logo

Square Enix and Deck Nine Games have confirmed that Life Is Strange: True Colors will now release on Nintendo Switch “later this year.”

Promising “a bold new era” for the award-winning series, the next game stars a new playable lead character in Alex Chen who has long suppressed her “curse.” She has the supernatural ability to experience, absorb and manipulate the strong emotions of others, which appear to her as coloured auras.

After her brother dies in a so-called accident, she must embrace her volatile power in an effort to discover the truth – something that results in her uncovering the dark secrets once buried by a small town.

“This game was born out of a question that fascinated us during the development of Before the Storm – how can video games act as tools for exploring empathy?” explains Deck Nine Games narrative director Jonathan Zimmerman.

“Today, this question grips us and beguiles us as much as ever. After 17 months, and counting, of global trauma, isolation, and loneliness, we are deeply humbled to be offering up a story about connection and hope against all odds. Much as Alex’s power allows her to feel the emotional truths of others, we hope players will feel the love we poured into the game as an expression of the immense gratitude that we share for each other, and our Life is Strange community.”

Life is Strange: True Colors will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide “later this year.”

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