Liege quests for Wii U adventure

Coda Games have expressed their desire to bring their Kickstarter project Liege to Wii U.

“Bringing Liege to the Wii U is only fitting, given its roots in classic RPGs from the SNES era!,” explains creator John Rhee.

“I’d been planning for this update for a little while based on the updates I was getting from our Nintendo rep. Most of the changes required for this port are already factored in our PS/Linux stretch goal, but I’ve added in one last item to cover hardware costs.”

With the project having already strikingly surpassed its base goal of $15,000 (now sat at $48,626), Rhee is looking for an additional $2,400 to cover the hardware costs involved to secure a Wii U development kit.

Although, since Nintendo’s approval came later on in the crowd-funding campaign, Rhee has explained that the Wii U release will arrive after the other platforms to ensure current progress isn’t delayed.

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