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LEVEL-5’s Nintendo eShop games on sale until February 23rd

In heralding the arrival of Weapon Shop de Omasse on Nintendo eShop next week, LEVEL-5 have placed their previously released Guild01 and Guild02 titles on sale in Europe. Between now and Sunday 23rd F...


Liberation Maiden Review

Purifying warzones with nature, Liberty mechs, and a high school student turned president of Japan – Liberation Maiden has all the hallmarks that come attached to the Suda51 name. Originally launched ...

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LEVEL-5 bring Guild01 compilation to Nintendo eShop

LEVEL-5 will bring their collaborative project Guild01 to Europe as individual downloadable software. Having previously released across Japan at retail, the Nintendo eShop will grant the opportunity t...

LEVEL-5 announce ‘Guild 01’ for Nintendo 3DS

The latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed that LEVEL-5 are currently developing a new Nintendo 3DS game, titled ‘Guild 01’. Guild 01 comprises of four games, each m...

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