Lexis Numérique: Nintendo doesn’t push digital platforms enough

wiiware service

Nintendo isn’t doing enough to promote their digital platforms, according to Lexis Numérique’s business development director.

Having supported WiiWare with digital titles such as Tales of Elastic Boy and Learning with the PooYoos, Djamil Kemal explained that it had proved difficult to support the service.

“In theory, yes, but to be totally honest it is really hard to work on a Nintendo platform,” he explained.

“Not because of technical reasons but we feel that Nintendo just doesn’t push its WiiWare and other digital games. They do blockbuster-style games like in previous eras, but if you look at what is happening with WiiWare at the moment for instance, there’s no proper marketplace, making it really hard to check out the latest releases.

“For us as developers, we need to know that the company releasing a new system are going to push digital games heavily, and what we have seen with WiiWare doesn’t make us think Nintendo will.”

Whilst Nintendo have placed greater significance on digital distribution for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, we can’t really fault Kemal for his comments.

Yet whilst WiiWare proved to be the company’s baby steps, with support on Wii U through the likes of Trine 2: Director’s Cut this will surely soon become greater strides.

[Thanks Strategy Informer via Develop]

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