LEVEL-5’s Layton 7 no longer headed to Nintendo 3DS

LEVEL-5 haven’t shared any more about Layton 7 since we were first shown the project’s intended direction way back in August 2013.

It was a drastic departure from the Professor’s adventures that we’ve come to love, inhabitants milling about a 3D town that players could explore at will. However, previously destined as an iOS, Android and Nintendo 3DS release, LEVEL-5’s Vision 2015 event this week has confirmed that they no longer plan to release the game on Nintendo’s handheld.

It’s unclear why, with CEO Akihiro Hino detailing that players will be tasked with trying to figure out who the Vampire is by playing a card game and dabbling in fortune-telling. That’s now headed to iOS and Android devices in Japan this summer, with no word on a western release.

[Thanks Siliconera]

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  1. I hate it when developers drastically change the gameplay of a numbered title in a series. Just made it a spin-off, like Layton: Cards of Fate instead of calling it Layton 7.

    1. Well, the “7” refers to the number of characters rather than it being the 7th game. That was on purpose.

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