LEVEL-5 International America open for business

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LEVEL-5 International America is now up and running, marked by the opening of a new website for the studio, an official Twitter account and a video message from LEVEL-5 CEO Akihiro Hino.

It will be responsible for producing original content for the North American market as well as titles developed in Japan, according to comments from Hino.

“LEVEL-5 IA will not only release games developed in Japan but we are also planning to create original content for the US,” Hino explains. “The Japanese and North American markets are quite different, but we hope to make innovative games that our fans in the US will enjoy. The LEVEL-5 IA staff are working hard towards this goal, so please keep an eye out for our coming projects.”

Let’s not forget about Europe either though…

You can view Hino’s video message in full below:

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