LEVEL-5 announce ‘Guild 01’ for Nintendo 3DS


The latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed that LEVEL-5 are currently developing a new Nintendo 3DS game, titled ‘Guild 01’.

Guild 01 comprises of four games, each made by a different creator; Grasshopper Manufacture’s Suda 51, Vivarium’s Yoot Saito, LEVEL-5’s Yasumi Matsuno and America Zarigani’s Yoshiyuki Hirai.

Each separate game is to have a distinctly different style, details of which are as follows courtesy of Andriasang:

* Kaiho Shojo
This is a 3D shooting game from Suda 51 where you take control of a robot known as “Kaihoki”, which translates to “liberation machine”, and then blast away at demon beasts. It’ll also include anime from animation studio Bones.

* Air Porter
Yoot Saito is making Air Porter, which includes the cathcphrase “Check your luggage on time.” You’re role is being the head of an airport where you are required to handle all luggage that passes through it. You must ensure planes depart on time, and encourages smart management by rewarding you with combos. When you make a plane take off on time, this in turn allows a plane being able to land on time, resulting in a combo.

If you continue to perform your job well, your airport rating will grow meaning that you’ll get more passengers and money – allowing you to purchase new planes and parts and expand your airport grounds. Eventually, you may even be asked to handle an arrival and departure from Air Force One, and if performed successfully you’ll achieve the highest rating.

* Rental Bukiya de Omasse
This RPG is from comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai, and will see you play as the father and son pair who run a weapon shop. You’ll be tasked with making weapons to then rent them out to adventurers.

To aid in your business, you have access to a tool called “Donai Natter.” This communication device shows messages indicating if the adventurer has successfully achieved his goal, so you’ll know if you’ll get your rental gear back. The device also indicates when the local bakery is having a sale, for instance.

* Crimson Shroud
Crimson Shroud is Yasumi Matsuno’s contribution to the project, and it appears that you will play as a “Chaser”, someone who’s skilled at finding people. The prologue also mentions its namesake the “Crimson Shroud”, and hints that it is sent 1000 years in the past in a world without magic.

Its storyline will explain how magic soon became commonplace in the world.

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