Let’s Go Nuts Looks To Deliver Wacky Multiplayer On Nintendo Switch

Let’s Go Nuts Screenshot

BeardedBrothers.Games have announced that Let’s Go Nuts will soon see release on Nintendo Switch, a colorful game based on the floor is lava.

Thanks to aliens having invaded the once-peaceful forest, polluting it with toxic waste and explosive octopi.

Whether played solo or in local multiplayer with up to three friends, you play as squirrels who must create their own landing pads to hop past devious obstacles while collecting nuts.

There are 40 campaign levels to overcome that are set in four cartoony worlds, that will each add new obstacles like slippery ice, goo hurling arachnids, or abominable snow pigs.

In multiplayer, you can either play competitively or work together in co-op. That will either challenge you to be the first to score points or join forces to overcome disaster-filled environments to save the forest.

“We’ve spruced up the squirrels and are ready to bring the critter chaos of Let’s Go Nuts to Nintendo Switch,” explains BeardedBrothers.Games co-founder Dariusz Skrzypkowski.

“With levels that are simple to complete but difficult to master, it’s a nutty adventure for players of all skill levels.”

Let’s Go Nuts will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on July 17th priced at $9.99, with a 70 percent discount available for a limited time.

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