LEGO Worlds On Nintendo Switch Started Development In February


TT Games has revealed that work on porting LEGO Worlds to Nintendo Switch had only recently started. The decision to bring the procedurally-generated sandbox game to the console came after they received “truly positive” feedback from the team working on porting LEGO City Undercover to Nintendo Switch.

“We decided to make this version in January,” LEGO Worlds associate producer Chris Rose explained to NextN, translated on NeoGAF. “We were looking at the development of LEGO City Undercover, so we asked the team ‘How are you going with that?’ and the answer was truly positive, testers were very happy with it.

“Then, we said: ‘Ok, let’s try it [bringing LEGO Worlds to Switch]’, we started to do programming things and testing some optimizations for the graphics engine. This started like three weeks ago, in February. We think that having a portable version of the game is something really interesting, so we went for that.”

LEGO Worlds is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and will release on Nintendo Switch later this year.

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