LEGO Worlds Blocks Out Nintendo Switch Release In September


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that LEGO Worlds will see release on Nintendo Switch in September.

With the freedom to build anything and go anywhere with friends in either split-screen or online, you can create your own adventure as you set out on your quest to become a Master Builder. You can choose to build brick-by-brick, placing down enormous pre-built LEGO structures or by using tools that will help players paint and shape the landscape around them.

Those that buy a physical copy of the game will receive “two bonus packs of premium DLC,” including Classic Space that was revealed at E3 2017. Those that purchase the digital version will receive the base game, with DLC available on the Nintendo eShop separately.

The first downloadable themed content pack for LEGO Worlds, Classic Space (£2.99) adds brand new quests, characters, builds and vehicles plucked from the popular LEGO Space playsets.

That will let players blast off and explore the farthest reaches of space and embark on new adventures with friends as they travel across Worlds in a Space Buggy, fly through the atmosphere in the Space Cruiser, excavate the new Moon biome in the Mineral Detector, or land the one man spaceship on the new Classic Space Theme World.

LEGO Worlds will release for Nintendo Switch in North America on September 5th, and in Europe on September 8th.

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