LEGO Friends announced as Nintendo exclusive


It’s the turn of the LEGO Friends collection of building sets to be converted to pixels, as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announce a new game in development.

Releasing this autumn as a Nintendo exclusive, on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS in particular, the game will welcome players to Heartlake City.

Granting complete freedom to express your own unique style, players can explore surrounding areas and partake in activities that they enjoy most, which includes perfecting dance routines, taking shots at goal, or visiting clothes stores to update your wardrobe.

It is building friendships that proves central to the experience, with pets also falling under your care.
Achieving “true friend” status with all characters will soon allow you to build a Hartlake Celebration for them, whatever they are.

Pets can be trained and groomed for pet shows, each with their own special skill to aid the player whilst there’s further opportunity to play the game from an animal’s perspective.

Meanwhile, use of the in-game camera allows you to create a scrapbook of memorable moments with your friends.

“We are very proud to welcome even more girls into the world of LEGO videogames with a title based on the best-selling LEGO Friends line,” comments TT Games’ managing director Tom Stone.

“LEGO Friends allows players to build personal fun adventure while expressing their individual style and personality along the way.”

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