LEGO Dimensions Update adds new ‘Hire-a-Hero’ feature


This week sees Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment roll out their assorted Wave 2 Level, Team and Fun Packs for LEGO Dimensions, welcoming characters and vehicles plucked from properties such as Doctor Who, LEGO Ninjago, The Simpsons and The LEGO Movie.

But, it is also a week in which developer TT Games have added a new ‘Hire-a-Hero’ feature. This allows players to sample a selection of Wave 1 expansion pack characters by using LEGO studs earned in-game. Once you have earned enough, you can head to a hologram minifigure near hint stones that will let you unlock characters for a limited time. That will allow you to try their special abilities to solve puzzles, with subsequent waves to be supported in the same way.

We were particularly impressed by LEGO Dimensions, concluding in our review: “Away from the witty script, it is the imaginative ways in which the LEGO Toy Pad is used that make LEGO Dimensions stand apart from its toys-to-life competitors. A successful foundation in which to build, Activision and Disney Interactive have much to learn from the creative vision displayed by TT Games.”

LEGO Dimensions is now available worldwide on Wii U.

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