LEGO City Undercover “the perfect match” for Wii U


LEGO City Undercover is “the perfect match” for Wii U, according to TT Fusion’s lead developer Loz Doyle.

“I hope other developers don’t mind me saying this, but this is the best game on the Wii U at the moment,” Doyle remarked to NowGamer. “I think the game is eagerly awaiting by many people and I’m sure that it will sell consoles for Nintendo. I also think it’s got real long term appeal, I don’t see it getting old for the life of the Wii U so I hope it will be a huge success.”

Doyle also discussed how the console’s hardware allowed them to “create the city we wanted to,” with the Wii U GamePad granting numerous opportunities.

He continued, “I can’t imagine the game working on any other system. We’d always wanted to do a LEGO City game, and we’d always wanted to work with Nintendo.

“The LEGO and Nintendo brands are a very natural fit, I think anyone would agree. When we were first shown an early version of the Wii U, we knew they LEGO City Undercover was the perfect match for the console.

“The available RAM on board meant we could create the city we wanted to, and the GamePad just opened up so many gameplay opportunities. We had to reign in the design team because they were coming up with so many uses for it.”

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