Legend of Kay Anniversary to rise against Shun this summer


After emerging through online retailers ahead of any formal announcement, Nordic Games have today confirmed their plans to release Legend of Kay Anniversary this summer.

It’s been 10 years since the action-adventure platformer first saw release on PlayStation 2, the game tracing Kay’s journey through Yenching as he joins an uprising against gorilla leader Shun who has been oppressing the cat people.

KAIKO have been responsible for remastering the game for an entirely new audience, players using dynamic fight combos to defeat any foes with Kay’s proficiency in martial arts becoming feared throughout the lands.

“Legend of Kay was a true gem on the PlayStation 2 platform,” comments Nordic Games business and product development director Reinhard Pollice. “Our strategy is to focus on our IPs and make them available to as many players as possible and also on the current generation of consoles. We keep our options open to expand on the Legend of Kay franchise in the future.”

KAIKO founder and managing director Peter Thierolf adds, “Working on Legend of Kay Anniversary was and still is quite remarkable. We were able to rediscover the attention to detail with which the original game had been crafted and pushed ourselves to be true to that original spirit. This was about the best time we had within the last couple of years.”

Legend of Kay Anniversary will release for Wii U across Europe and North America this summer.

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