Legatus Laendur Bellows A Rallying Cry In New Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory Trailer

Legatus Laendur Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory Artwork

NIS America has released a new Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory trailer that introduces Legatus Laendur, a former commander of the Fenumian Army who now fights to reunite his homeland.

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory chronicles the story of Legatus Laendur and Princess Cecille, and, depending on which path you choose, will let you witness the events as they unfold from each character’s perspective.

That will see Princess Cecille and her saucy, talking grimoire journey home as she looks to defeat a coup led by Legatus Laendur and restore the crumbling empire to glory. Or you can lead the coup as Legatus Laendur, a brilliant tactician who vows to overthrow the royal family when he discovers why the Fenumian Empire is rotting from within.

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory will release for Nintendo Switch in North America on May 29th, and Europe on June 1st.

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