Learn How To Use Nodes In Toy-Con Garage To Invent Your Own Creations

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Garage Photo

Nintendo has revealed more details on the Toy-Con Garage mode, a creative and inventive feature that will be included in every Nintendo Labo kit for the Nintendo Switch.

The Toy-Con Garage looks to introduce the basic principles of technology in a fun and accessible way, and, through combining simple inputs and outputs, will let you create new ways to play.

That will require that you use different input and output selections, which are called “nodes.” The input nodes include actions such as button presses or motions, whereas output nodes have reactions such as sound effects or vibrations. And then there are middle nodes, that allows users to select qualifiers such as counters and timers.

Nintendo provides an example in that an input node could be to gently shake the Joy-Con controller, a middle node could be a certain number of times shaken, and an output node could trigger a sound effect or a blinking light when the two previous actions occur.

These inputs and outputs can be combined with different Toy-Con projects, such as steering the RC Car with the Fishing Rod or using the Motorbike as an instrument.

Nintendo Labo will release across North America on April 20th and in Europe on April 27th, with two kits: the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit. Each will contain the building materials and the Nintendo Switch game required to bring your Toy-Con to life.

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