Learn How The Combat System Works In Ash Of Gods On Nintendo Switch

Ash Of Gods Screenshot

AurumDust has released a new Ash of Gods trailer, showing how the combat system works in their turn-based narrative RPG.

As can be expected, combat players an important role in determining whether your party succeed or fail the quests that they take on.

The developer wanted the battles to be unpredictable to maintain your interest, and, in doing so, there are five parameters to keep in mind: Attack Power, Health, Energy, Defense, and Counterattack. Attack determines the default damage that each unit can deal, Defense reduces the damage that they take, and Counterattack, unsurprisingly, gives you the chance to strike back at your enemies.

Your unit’s health or energy can be spent to perform special abilities, but, if it is reduced to zero, then enemy attacks will do twice as much damage. And then there are collectible combat cards that can be called upon to swing a battle back in your favour.

Ash of the Gods will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Fall 2018.

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