Learn Coding With FUZE Code Studio On Nintendo Switch

If you have ever wanted to learn how to code, FUZE Technologies will soon have the perfect window of opportunity for you to get started with FUZE Code Studio.

The learn-to-code platform, which has been used in more than 300 schools across the United Kingdom to help deliver the new computing curriculum, is now charting a path to Nintendo Switch and will help those that use it to learn to code through text-based programming languages.

No coding experience is required, and FUZE Code Studio will look to motivate and inspire users of all ages and abilities – with children even as young as six able to start learning.

With the platform positioned as the “perfect stepping stone between visual coding simulators currently used in most primary schools and real-world languages like Python, Java and C++/#,” it comes with everything that you will need to learn to code.

Users will be able to create their own 2D and 3D games that can be shared with friends and family, placing the portable home console in the Nintendo Switch Dock to play on the big screen.

With the chance to tap into the Joy-Con motion sensors and controls as well as a programmable synthesiser and speech engine, there’s plentiful opportunity to inspire your creativity – or users can choose to use built-in graphics and audio.

FUZE Technologies has also confirmed that the platform will support multiple inputs, whether that be a USB keyboard, the FUZE touch keyboard or the Joy-Con.

FUZE Code Studio will release on Nintendo Switch in Q2 2018.





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