Leap For Your Survival In Rogue Singularity On Nintendo Switch


Nnooo and Considerable Content have announced that Rogue Singularity will see release on Nintendo Switch, an endless old-school platformer adventure that sees you leaping between the floating fragments of countless worlds after a black hole collides with it.

In seeking to present a return to the golden age of 3D platforming, players, as a plucky robot hero, will jump, dodge, and roll their way through an infinite series of procedurally-generated levels filled with broken machines, bizarre aliens, and deadly traps – constantly challenging your quick thinking and reflexes.

Your best times will be logged on the online leaderboard to challenge the world to beat them, and, all the while, there are interchangeable body parts to collect to customise your robot.

“The team here at Considerable Content have poured all of our technical tricks into making this the best game it can be, comparable to the best 3D platformers that shaped our gaming tastes when we were youngsters in the 1990s,” enthuses developer Scott Beca. “Nintendo titles have inspired us as creatives for decades, so we are thrilled to share our creation with the world on Nintendo Switch!”

Nnooo creative director and founder Nic Watt adds: “Rogue Singularity is such a fun, high-paced game to play both at home and on the move. We thought it would be an amazing fit for Nintendo Switch!”

Rogue Singularity will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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