Lead The Resistance In World War II: Underground On Nintendo Switch

World War II: Underground Logo

Demolish Games have announced that World War II: Underground is coming to Nintendo Switch.

This first-person stealth action game is set in the harsh realities of World War II, when a large part of Europe was under the ruthless and barbaric occupation of the Nazi-ruled German Third Reich.

Taking inspiration from real operations of the resistance movement, you will participate in partisan operations to undermine that Nazi occupation. You must help to prepare and plan the missions, which could see you steal secret documents, blow up bridges, destroy critical infrastructure, sabotage weapons factories or eliminate specific targets.

“The operations of the resistance movement will be inspired by real missions that were carried out in Poland, Greece, the former Yugoslavia, France, Norway and other countries,” explains Demolish Games CEO Paweł Dywelski.

“We also place great emphasis on taking into account the realities of the occupation and how the actions of the resistance movement translated into the lives of civilians. It must be remembered that Nazi Germany applied collective responsibility and, for example, in occupied Poland, dozens or even hundreds of innocent people were often murdered in retaliation for partisan attacks.”

The publisher has outlined the game’s features as below:

  • stealth action game;
  • the realities of the occupation and World War II;
  • missions inspired by real events;
  • various tasks and locations;
  • many ways to complete missions.

World War II: Underground will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide, with a release window still to be confirmed.

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