Lead The Charge In Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator On Nintendo Switch

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator Logo

Gaming Factory and MadGamesmith have confirmed that Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator has now released on Nintendo Switch.

This tactical strategy game with roguelike elements will challenge you to lead the valiant Gauls in their efforts to conquer ancient Rome.

With an art style that takes inspiration from the Asterix comic books, the experience promises to deliver “fast gameplay, crazy ragdoll physics, stylish graphics and a high level of difficulty.”

“In Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator players can count on unusual tactical challenges, a challenging level of difficulty and a considerable dose of madness,” explains Ultimate Games COO Rafal Jelonek. “When it comes to the graphics, one of the main inspirations was the style of Albert Uderzo, the artist associated with the cult series of comics about Asterix.”

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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