Lay Tiles To Win In Carcassonne On Nintendo Switch

Carcassonne Screenshot

Asmodee Digital has announced that Carcassonne will release on Nintendo Switch, the award-winning, tile-laying board game.

With tactical play that is simple to pick up but far more challenging to master, players will need to work out where to put their last meeple and whether to use tiles to expand the city or to hinder their opponent.

You can only play one tile each round and have the option to place one meeple on it. That will soon mean that each game develops differently, and, thanks to the game’s quick-fire nature, will see it always runs at a quick pace.

“Carcassonne is the first Asmodee Digital title of many to follow on Nintendo’s platforms,” explains Asmodee Digital CEO, Pierre Ortolan. “This partnership is based on Nintendo’s need for new user experiences, and Asmodee Digital’s continued goal of bringing great board game IPs to new platforms.”

Carcassonne will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Winter 2018.

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