Latest trailer for Bobby Carrot Forever released


Bobby Carrot isn’t just any hare. When he sleeps, he dreams of incredible adventures and fantastic worlds. For that, I’m particularly envious of him indeed!

Bobby Carrot Forever, currently being developed by FDG Entertainment for WiiWare, promises to provide players with over 15 hours of adventure as you traverse hundreds of levels collecting carrots, finding and using cool items, and avoiding all manner of obstacles. Uncovering the secret of the 6 golden carrots will also allow you to meet new friends who will help you on your way.

Bobby Carrot aims to rekindle the age of classic console gaming with luscious 2D graphics, and accessible controls. With downloadable content support also on the way, this is certainly one WiiWare title that you won’t want to miss.

You can check out the latest trailer for Bobby Carrot Forever below:

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