Latest patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops detailed

call of duty black ops

Treyarch have revealed details regarding the latest patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops on Wii, which has been released today and is now available for download.

The latest fixes have addressed the following issues:

* Explosives are not visible through walls when using Hacker perk.
* Ninja perk is ineffective at times.
* Additional sound mix tuning for Ninja Pro users – increased ranges and volume of enemy footsteps, and removed player footstep sounds
on concrete material types.
* Increased headshot multipliers for sniper rifles. Sniper rifles with suppressors equipped will be ensured one-shot kill headshots.
* Added a negative influencer to all spawn points to decrease the chances of spawning near an enemy. This will further improve spawning protection on top of previous updates.
* Previous Map Spamming – players are currently able to vote for the previously played map an unlimited number of times
* Incorrect Prestige Emblems appearing at certain levels
* Sending out text messages to massive groups can cause the game to freeze
* Demolition – getting a loss registered despite earning a win
* Some players experiencing crashes when viewing leaderboards with a high number of Allies
* Stuck in spawn spot in Cracked
* Voice Chat breaks up at times
* More reported cases of “unbound” controls
* Second Chance “invincible glitch”
* Several fixes that should improve performance/lag for host and client
* Shorter spawn-in (black screen) times in MP matches
* Zombie Legs – create-a-crawler

For those having issues with download the patch, you must have a Wii Shop Channel account in order for it to download. The game will then prompt you to download the update when you access Multiplayer once it is available. For those already playing the game, switch to Single Player and then restart Multiplayer to initiate the download.

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