Latest Nintendo 3DS System Update now available

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Nintendo have this morning announced that the latest system update for the Nintendo 3DS is now available, arriving a day earlier than previously expected.

It provides users with a range of new features and enhancements, including 3D video capture, StreetPass content and new Nintendo eShop improvements.

The Nintendo 3DS video function allows you to record up to 10 minutes of 3D video, and incorporates special filming options that include an ‘Interval Shot’ feature, which sees you record image after image in short timed intervals, producing a piece of time lapse footage, and the ‘Frame Pick’ feature, which may be used to take many still images and join them together to create stop motion footage.

Additional StreetPass Mii Plaza content is also introduced, such as new panels to swap and collect for Puzzle Swap and new StreetPass Quest missions that will see you use new tools to defeat your enemies and discover new hats.

A geographical map is also available for StreetPass fans, the European version supporting only UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Netherlands, with each person you meet granting you a new piece of the map – much like a jigsaw!

The facility to transfer content between Nintendo 3DS systems is also now available, allowing software purchased from the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo eShop account funds and save data (including photographs and audio) may now be easily transferred between your Nintendo 3DS consoles.

Further to this, the Nintendo eShop also receives an upgrade. Users may now play demo versions of select Nintendo 3DS releases, from those publishers that choose to do so, enabling you to try a game before making a purchase decision.

You can also perform downloads whilst the system is in Sleep Mode, ensuring that these may be performed when users are not actively using their handheld.

Commenting on the new Nintendo 3DS system update, Laurent Fischer, Managing Director Marketing & PR at Nintendo of Europe, said: “We are always striving to enhance the features and functions of the Nintendo 3DS to bring new fun experiences to our fans and this upcoming System Update brings some of the most exciting updates yet.”

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  1. Would be nice if you were able to loan a downloaded game to a friend and then later get it back like you can do with Physical Cartridges. But what do I do if my 3DS breaks and I buy a new one, then what? All my downloads will be lost then. I don’t care to send my old 3DS to Nintendo to get fixed, i rather buy a Brand New one like I’m used too. It would be better to have the downloads tied to an account like the PSN Store. Oh well, I just buy fewer downloads. Long live the Cartridges.

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