Latest Miiverse changes met with negative Community response


Within a newly created ‘Miiverse Announcements’ community, Nintendo have shared details of recent changes to the Wii U’s social network on February 6th.

“This place is for official announcements, so only someone from Nintendo can add new posts here,” explained Nintendo spokesperson Marty. “Today, I’d like to talk about some changes to Miiverse which took place on 6 February 2013.

“1. You can now see when you have a new follower in “Notifications” in the bottom left of the screen.

“2. After you have commented on someone’s post, you will no longer receive notifications when someone who is not the poster comments on that post. Now you will only get a notification when the original poster comments on that post. This change was made because a lot of people were saying they were getting too many notifications.”

“3. Once a post has been made, some time needs to pass before you can make another post. This change was made to prevent multiple posts from the same person appearing in a row on screen. A new post can be made about every five minutes. This change does not affect the comments.”

He then closed, “That’s all I have for now. Whenever there’s something new on Miiverse, I’ll be posting it here. Thanks for reading and have fun!”

Below, Miiverse users responses to such implementation can then be found with many rebuking the changes, citing them as being non-user friendly and the lack of notifications set to prove detrimental to interaction.

Some even encouraged users to boycott the service, to voice their concerns to Nintendo Customer Support.

What are your thoughts regarding the changes?

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