Latest Heroes of Ruin trailer details customisation

heroes of ruin

Square Enix have released a further trailer for action-adventure title Heroes of Ruin, currently in development by n-Space.

Whilst presenting plenty of new footage from the Nintendo 3DS exclusive, it serves to introduce the depth of customisation options within the game, of which players will continually receive new armour and weaponry that will allow them to alter the physical appearance of their chosen character throughout their quest.

For those that haven’t been following Heroes of Ruin since its announcement, the game sees players able to set out on their adventure by themselves, or play within drop-in/drop-out co-operative multiplayer for up to four players.

Dynamic environments ensure that danger unexpectedly awaits around every corner, and diversifies your experience on a continual basis.

Heroes of Ruin is due to release for Nintendo 3DS during 2012.

You can view the latest ‘Customisation and Personalisation’ trailer below:

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