Latest and upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops patches detailed for Wii


In their continued support for the recently released Call of Duty: Black Ops, Treyarch have recently detailed a recent update to the title, alongside additional issues that are currently being rectified.

Such information was announced by Treyarch’s Community Manager Josh Olin on the Call of Duty forums, where he detailed the update for the community.

A trio of fixes went live on Tuesday 30th November, which are as follows:
* WMD: Added collision to prevent players from getting outside of the map boundary.
* Havana: Mini-map now more correctly reflects the playable map boundary
* Fixed issue where enemies could create a green Profile name to use in matches

Whereas issues that are currently being addressed include the following:
* New issue – “an error occurred while connecting to the server” – to be fixed in an update ASAP
* Zombie gas clouds sticking around – Fix incoming ASAP
* Disappearing zombies glitch – Fix incoming ASAP
* Variable zoom scope will not stay zoomed in – Fix incoming ASAP
* Sierra button layout for Classic Controllers (CC/CCP) assigns same button for Tactical Grenade as steady button for scoped weapons – Fix incoming ASAP

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