Labyrinth Legend Coming To Nintendo Switch With Expanded Content

Labyrinth Legend Screenshot

NIS America and Regista have announced that Labyrinth Legend is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Set in the kingdom of Kanata, the game is pitched as “a satisfying dungeon-crawling experience brought to life by retro-inspired pixel graphics.” After choosing your character from three classes that each offers its own distinct abilities, you must descend into a mysterious labyrinth to claim the lost royal treasure that lies inside it.

With action-oriented combat that has used “simple yet satisfying gameplay mechanics that both new and veteran gamers can enjoy,” the deeper that you go into the Labyrinth the more the story will grow and evolve as the result of your progression.

There are monstrous bosses to topple, and the Nintendo Switch release will include a brand-new dungeon, new story elements, more powerful items and the new Nightcrawler class that specialises in physical attacks.

Labyrinth Legend will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Spring 2022.

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