Kotobukiya Reveal Pokémon Trainer Red With Pikachu ARTFX Figure

Kotobukiya are busy preparing to release a striking Red with Pikachu figure, which was recently snapped at the Mega Hobby Expo 2016 Spring in Japan.

The exceptional Pokémon trainer from Pallet Town in the Kanto region prepares to do battle with the yellow-furred electric mouse, which is the stance that has been chosen for the 1/8th scale figure. However, there’s still no news on a release date.

This will be released as part of Kotobukiya’s long-running ARTFX range, which was first started as Active Styling Figures way back in May 1989.

They weren’t the only company to share their new Pokémon figures, with MegaHouse having Brock, Nurse Joy, Lucario and Mewtwo figures on display.





[Thanks Ami Ami Hobby News]
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