Konami announce Frogger 3D


Frogger first released back in 1981, and with the game celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year Konami have announced that they are to bring the death-defying amphibian back in a new Nintendo 3DS venture.

Frogger 3D features all-new graphics, novel level design and a variety of new friends that will help guide Frogger to safety. You’ll be able to hop across six new worlds that’ll see Frogger strut the streets of his hometown before travelling to the Far East and even other dimensions as you set out to complete 60 challenging stages.

Single Player mode follows the core elements of the classic, incorporating dashing, jumping and ducking past life-threatening hazards. You’ll also be able to team up with some of Frogger’s special frog friends during specific levels, where you gain the ability to destroy obstacles, absorb damage or illuminate dark spaces. More adventurous levels see him hop up skyscrapers, and even crossing a very lively sushi bar avoiding predators.

The game will also support StreetPass, in which you’ll engage in a battle where the objective is to avoid becoming road-kill by scooting past speeding vehicles zooming along multiple lands of opposing traffic. In Forever mode the friendly confines of Frogger’s safety zones are removed, immediately ramping up the difficulty. You’ll be able to progress through infinite boards as you aim to land a top spot on the StreetPass rankings.

Konami have even teased that Frogger 3D will feature a competitive four-player mode, but there are no further details as of yet.

Frogger 3D is due to release in September, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

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