Know Your Friends is Ubisoft’s shelved Wii U exclusive


We were aghast when Ubisoft admitted that they had shelved a completed Wii U exclusive, the publisher indicating that they are taking a “wait-and-see” approach in regard to how the console’s hardware sales improved.

Unseen 64 has revealed that game as being Know Your Friends, which we spied had been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) last February.

That rating, below, will more concisely explain what the multiplayer trivia game entails, although uncovered gameplay footage shows how players are superimposed on papercraft characters by taking a snap of themselves with the Wii U GamePad. It was developed throughout 2013 by Ubisoft Montreal, and completed in early 2014.

“This is a multiplayer trivia game in which players form teams to answer questions about their friends’ personalities. Questions are presented in multiple-choice format, as players attempt to guess teammates’ answers. Out of hundreds of possible questions, some contain suggestive/sexual references (e.g., ‘[Player] is wondering what he would accept doing in the name of love during a steamy night in?’ ‘{Player] is choosing 3 objects for a sensual moment as a couple,’ and ‘Which part of the female anatomy do people look at first?’— accompanying images depict cleavage and a close-up of a woman’s buttocks (wearing jeans).

“Some questions are accompanied by still photos of objects such as condoms, whips, and handcuffs; other images depict men and women in revealing outfits (e.g., swimsuits, underwear or lingerie). One question, about a nude beach, briefly depicts a man’s bare buttocks. During the course of the game, questions may also reference alcohol and tobacco (e.g., ‘[Player] is thinking about the things she has done after too much drinking with friends’—the accompanying image depicts a man bent over a toilet; another question asks what object relieves stress—the accompanying image depicts a pack of cigarettes.). One of the screens depicts a still image of a man bound to a chair (e.g., ‘[Q]Using torture in difficult times is…’).”

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