Klang 2 Hits Nintendo Switch On November 17th

Klang 2 Logo

Ratalaika Games and Tinimations have confirmed a release date for their rhythm-action game Klang 2 on Nintendo Switch.

Packed with hypnotic beats and high-speed combat, you will be challenged to strike enemies in rhythm with your mighty tuneblade. With 30 handcrafted stages with semi-procedural elements to conquer, you must defeat powerful bosses who have the power to alter the fabric of a universe formed around melody.

Set against 30 intense EDM tunes from lead audio collaborator bLiNd along with Otographic Music, City Girl, James Landino and other artists, you must strive for perfection as you take on on six sections of increasingly difficult songs at both normal speed and unlockable faster versions.

“Klang 2 combines music and combat into a singular experience for fans of both action and rhythm games,” explains Tinimations founder Tom-Ivar Arntzen. “I’m thrilled to invite fans of the Klang and newcomers alike into the world of Klang 2 on Steam today and consoles on November 17th!”

Klang 2 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 17th November 2021.

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