Klang 2 Delivers Intense EDM-Action On Nintendo Switch

Klang 2 Screenshot

Ratalaika Games and Tinimations have revealed that Klang 2 is in development for Nintendo Switch.

After being imprisoned in a facility at an unknown location, Klang must continuously hone his rhythm-combat skills while inside audiovisual simulations. His ultimate goal is to take revenge on Soundlord Sonus under the guidance of the artificial intelligence “A-Eye”.

Over time, it will become harder for Klang to distinguish what’s real from what’s not. This plays into the game’s storytelling and its theme of blindness.

In this psychedelic rhythm-action game, you must conduct electronic symphonies with your lightning powers – wielding magical tuneblades to achieve a euphoric state of trance through skilful play.

Taking inspiration from synthwave, musical symbolism and Greek sculpture, you must conquer 30 levels that the developer promises will deliver “intense EDM-action.”

The experience is backed with music from composer bLiNd and other talented artists such as James Landino, Arcien, Nhato, Savant, Steven Silo, City Girl, and more.

Klang 2 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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